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developARCHITECTURE was created to educate and guide you through the architectural process. There is a lot of uncertainty when someone like you wants/needs to build something. We are here to give you clarity and develop your ideas to create something uniquely amazing just for you.

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This page is a resource for you to explore and gather information about architecture and the architectural process. I want to provide as much upfront information to you as possible so that you are an informed consumer and able to better articulate what your intentions are for you project.

Common Questions

What is an architect? Click here

What types of architects are there? This is actually a common misconception. A lot of people think an architect has to be residential or commercial. This is not true, a licensed architect can design a home, grocery store, and/or skyscraper if asked too. An architect is only limited by themselves in the type of projects they work on. A lot of architecture firms do specialize in one or two building typologies but they can do others if they want. 

What do these different terms like “permit”, "bidding", "measure", "as-built" or “record drawings” mean and why would I need them?  Click here

How do I know if an architect or contractor is licensed? You go to your state's website and they should have a search function for you to find the person or company you are looking for. Here is the link for the state of Michigan http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/verify.htm

What does the letter after an architects name mean? Click here

Have other questions click here to ask.